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Attracting lots of customers willing to pay a fair price for your food is critical to success. An emailed newsletter is a time-efficient way to build a loyal customer base. However, newsletters are only effective when they are mailed consistently, AND they should provide some benefit to your subscribers, beyond hearing about your farm.

Farming is a busy lifestyle. If you put off writing farm newsletters, and then struggle when you finally get to them, you'll LOVE our newsletter service. We provide timely, compelling content that will make your task much easier, while adding valuable information your readers will appreciate.

We'll help you craft a regular newsletter that will keep your subscribers engaged. Having their attention will give you the opportunity to win their business, their loyalty, and their referrals.

The Unspoken Challenge In Selling Pastured Meats.


Consider this statement: "I have been buying supermarket meat for many years. Why should I buy and store your more expensive (most likely frozen) meat when I can pick up perfectly good "fresh" meat while I'm at the supermarket? What's In It For Me (WIIFM)?"

You'll probably never hear those words. But the thoughts behind them lurk in the mind of virtually every customer and potential customer you encounter. After all, buying store meat is "normal" and "everyone" does it, so why buy YOUR meats?

You MUST Address That WIIFM Question!

What's In It For Me? What's In It For Me? What's _ In _ It _ For _ ME?
We ask ourselves that question over and over when making decisions. And your potential customers are asking as well.
Fortunately, there's a truth hidden in their "Why should I buy..." thought that can guide your response to them; to a person seriously considering buying farm-direct food, HEALTH is somewhere in his or her consciousness as a motivating force. Otherwise, they wouldn't bother considering it.
Therefore, an early statement to a new prospect should be something like:

"What you eat day-after-day clearly affects your long term health.  We produce clean, untainted pastured meats that are much healthier for your family than the meats found in supermarkets."

That immediately puts the focus on health. And it creates a doorway into how your farming methods naturally produce food that is inherently "healthier" than the industrial food system supplying supermarkets.

Foraging For Customers - A High Priority Farm Chore

It's important to realize that most people don't associate any negatives with supermarket meat. In fact, it's likely their major complaint is that it's too expensive! It's little wonder that pastured meat farms struggle to find enough customers to survive, much less prosper.
TO PROPERLY VALUE YOUR MEATS, people need to understand the stark contrast between the clean foods you produce, and those which comes from the profit-enhancing feedlot practices that the industrial food system keeps carefully hidden from view. Without that understanding, it's difficult to create a strong enough WIIFM answer to change their buying habits.
Some people are already educated in the health advantages of eating carefully raised pastured meats. It is well worth seeking out those people - doctors, chiropractors, athletes, gym members and the like. They, and their referrals, can ultimately be the driving force for your business --- if you can capture their loyalty.
Along the way, you will also encounter many health conscious people who are open to exploring the opportunity of buying better food. They can become great customers, but need to more information. Even after making a purchase or two, many revert right back to supermarket meat. Unfortunately, "Once and gone" farm customers are very common.
The difficulty is, you have very little time or opportunity to interact with new and potential customers to influence their way of thinking. So get them on your mailing list and win them over!

It's the job of your newsletter to engage your subscribers, and over time, convert many into loyal customers. But for it to get consistently read, YOUR NEWSLETTER MUST PROVIDE YOUR READERS WITH VALUE, always keeping their WIIFM question in mind. You can achieve that by including interesting and thought-provoking content (from us) that can improve THEIR lives, so that they feel they gain from reading it. If you do that, plus add a bit of farm news, you'll develop more and more ideal customers. The others will ultimately drop from your list.

In taking that approach, you can create a strong personal relationship with your readers so that they become YOUR customers and consider you to be their farmer AND friend. Direct marketing farm foods is all about creating strong relationships.

But I Already Do Facebook and Twitter!

Social media can be useful for gaining exposure and building a mailing list. However, the scene has changed dramatically from early days. Your posts are no longer even exposed to most of your "likes" or "fans".

It's now estimated that when you post on Facebook, your post will be shown to less then 10% of your friends. So more than 90% never even get a chance to see it!!!

Google it and you'll find this is true. Social media "businesses" (that's what they are) have grown to the point where their priority is on the advertising dollars, not your posts.

On the other hand, if someone joins your farm newsletter email list, you have much more control over the delivery of your messages to them. You have a potential or new customer actively saying
   "Tell me WIIFM! Why should I do business with you?".
and you can respond to that.

Close to 100% will "see" your emails and perhaps 30% - 40% will "read" them. That's far above what will happen on your social media posts. BUT --------> that assumes your newsletter content is worth their investment of time.

Put Your Focus On THEIR Health & Interests.

Your newsletter is the best way to bring out the best customers for your business. Many farm newsletter subscribers will never buy from you. However, for the serious ones, gaining new wellness insights (and pastured meats!) from you will give them ongoing value, year after year.
Just feed them a steady diet of healthful information, plus farm news, and a relationship will form. With it will come a desire for YOUR clean food. The knowledge they gain, and the personal relationship, will make them want to buy from YOU, and brag to their friends about your farm! Your mailing list and customer base will grow.
Relationships are based on communication, and a farm/wellness newsletter is the most time efficient way to do it. With consistent effort, you will reach more and more ideal customers, and ultimately achieve the prosperity you deserve.

Our Newsletter Service Saves You Time & Increases Value.

To be clear, we can't write your newsletters for you. However, the "meaty, value-added part" can come from us.

We can provide you with a variety of farm/food/health/wellness related content every month. You can read through, choose any information you feel is right for your readers, and incorporate it into any farm details you want to include.

In many cases, you may just copy and paste a section or two into your newsletter. Other times, you may want to reword something to better fit your style or viewpoint.
Of course, each newsletter should include a bit about what's happening on your farm and hopefully a farm scene picture or two. Only you can provide the personal touch and the farm details needed to make it authentic. 
The point is that our content can quickly and easily add a whole new dimension to your newsletter that keeps people tuned in. It can form the core of your newsletter, saving you time, and helping you create stronger relationships. 
(We expect the information you receive from us will also be of personal interest to you!)

The Way It Works.

It's simple. We'll email an update to you around the first week of every month. It will cover enough topics that you should easily be able to create two newsletters from it. So you can send a newsletter every couple weeks, if that's your goal (and that probably SHOULD be your goal).
The content we create is generally targeted toward protein farmers, rather than those growing produce. However, some content is simply about health or wellness concepts, so our service could be very helpful in preparing any farm newsletter. Some farmers use the articles exactly as written and say they are provided by a farm newsletter service. That way, they can copy and paste, without having to be concerned if it "sounds" like they wrote it.
Here are some of the articles we have written:
  • Green Pastures & The Water Cycle
  • Rebounding With Gravity
  • Flu Shot vs Vitamin D
  • Cheap Chicken At A High Cost
  • Four Keys To Long Term Health
  • Plastic Bottle Fleece!
  • Farm Term Refresher Course
  • Soaking In Epsom Salt
  • The GMO "Feeding The World" Fallacy
  • The Truth About Factory Farms
  • The Lifehack 7 Minute Workout
  • The Two Health Care Systems

These are well written articles. To receive one as an example, simply provide us with your first/last name, farm name & state, and your email address. We'll send the article you request.

Subscription Cost.

Each subscription is for a 6 month term, paid in advance. Farmers who also use our EFF website platform receive a reduced price.


EFF Farmers

  • $6 /month = $36  for 6 months


Other Farmers

  • $7/month = $42 for 6 months


Our Guarantee.

We want happy subscribers. 
We believe that our monthly information is well worth the cost for your own reading, even if you don't use portions of it in your own newsletter. But if you decide that our service isn't meeting your needs, you may cancel at any time, and we'll refund the unused portion of your subscription. 
That gives you the freedom to judge the value we provide. If our service isn't working for you for some reason, you can cancel quite painlessly.

Additional Help.

To be legal and professional, farm newsletters should be sent using a bulk mailing service, with an automated option in every email for subscribers to unsubscribe. Mail Chimp is the service we generally recommend, since it's free, widely used, and we're somewhat familiar with it.
One of the many advantages of using a service like Mail Chimp is that you can see who opens your email, with both individual and group statistics available at the click of a button. You can also create a newsletter in advance and then easily schedule when you want it to be sent.
If you need help setting up a Mail Chimp account with a template to use in mailing to your list and some initial help, we can likely do that for you at a cost of about $75. We can get you going. If you need more than that, we may be able to provide additional help, depending on our situation and your needs. We'll need to quote prices at the time based on each situation.

So Now YOU'RE Asking WIIFM?

Your farm business needs a loyal customer base to be successful. In today's ultra-competitive world, a simple but worthwhile farm newsletter can be the communication tool that converts readers into customers and bonds them to your farm.
The problem is that many farmers find writing newsletters difficult (perhaps impossible!), so they get sent infrequently, or not at all. 
It doesn't need to be that way. Sending out a customer-building newsletter every few weeks is a goal you CAN achieve with our help. We'll provide inspiration and particulars. You'll choose the article(s) that appeals to you, add your voice and judgment to the mix, and share it with your subscribers. Just take that all important first step right now and sign up for our service.
The reality is, if you put it off until "later", life will likely take over. You know you may never make it back to this page again. Make a positive no-risk business decision. Place an order right now. You'll be glad you did.

To Place An Order.

To order, you can use our secure form found at 
Your order will be processed and then your credit card information will be destroyed. And we'll be in touch with some general newsletter guidelines that you will find useful, prior to receiving your first installment.

Questions Or Concerns?

If you have questions, please call George or write to us. Our success at Eat From Farms comes through helping farmers grow their farm businesses. We have a passion for helping convert supermarket shoppers into farm customers. We'd love to hear from you!
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