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We've made setting up a shopping cart system for farm products easy. Ours is custom programmed for selling goods of unknown variable weight. It's also designed for use by farmers, not tech people. Creating your inventory is easy to set up because we've included a product library for you. And there is nothing to download. If you need it, a website is included, but you can add the cart system on to your existing website with a simple link.


Most online storefront systems are complicated AND are not set up for selling farm products. They are intended for situations where advertised items have a set cost. And they aren't conveniently set up to handle delivery locations or home delivery.

Most small family farms sell foods where each and every food item has a different weight. They are priced by the pound and the weight is only known when the order is being assembled. Our system handles that issue with ease.

Designed With Farmers In Mind.

Our system is simple to use but with powerful automation that accommodates typical farm situations.

Our inventory system is easy to learn and quick to manage. Order handling is well organized. All orders are processed individually, but can be automatically grouped for efficient assembly and delivery for buying club situations. Home delivery is also built in for farmers who want to offer that for an added delivery fee.

Below is an illustration of some of the key features included in the EFF storefront platform.


Ordering Capability
Replace your online product list with full online ordering capability. Your neighbors will be able to see your inventory and buy from you.

Don't have a website?  No problem.  Everything you need is provided with your EFF package.  

Simple Inventory
Set up any kind of product packages for sale with ease.  Your EFF system tracks your inventory as sales occur. Updating your entire online inventory can be done in minutes from one master list.

Order Processing
Orders are automatically separated for farm pickup or by neighborhood for group delivery. 

Easily adjust order pricing for actual weight of products.Order totals can be adjusted for discounts or add-ons.

Take advantage of our farmer-friendly automation in every aspect of your retail business.
Group Delivery & Buying Clubs
You can set up buying clubs or Delivery Locations with scheduled ordering. That can include the option of home delivery for attracting additional orders. Our system creates group pick lists, individual invoices, and customer lists to make your whole operation run smoothly.
Subscriber Lists
Automate your collection of customer and prospect contact information for each neighborhood you want to target.
Market Alone Or With Others
EFF allows you to bring other niche vendors into your account.  That allows you to offer a farmers market of products to your customers without competing with each other.
Credit Cards
Turn on credit card processing in a matter of minutes, and collect your money with a single click.  Or simply opt for cash and check payments.  Or have them all. It's your choice.


We tailor the cost structure to the needs of each farm. The base cost is $12.50 per month for the website builder which includes the storefront. From there, we'll discuss your situation to see what works for your business and ours.

Some farms do all their selling seasonally. Others sell throughout the year. Some have lots of small volume orders while others have relatively few orders, but with large quantities of high value items. Some sell wholesale or retail or both.

Each has different needs and puts a different load on our system. Our goal is to provide you with an economical cost structure that fits your business and your use of our system. Just tell us about your farm and we'll make a proposal in writing that will provide you with great value. Be sure to read our Farmer Testimonials for greater insight from others like you.

Give George A Call.President George W. Bush

Not THAT George!!

We are not an expensive consulting service looking to take over your business. We offer guidance, sometimes totally free, as well as some very economical tools and services to make your farm business work better.

Our EFF farmers are reaping benefits, but in each case, it started with a conversation about their farm business.

Simply call THIS George.


Now it's YOUR opportunity. Tell me about your farm and I'll explore the possibilities with you.  If we can't help your business prosper, I'll tell you that. Otherwise, I'll make a proposal for your consideration.

Now is the time to consider alternatives for 2018 and beyond. Call me right now, even if it's 2:00 AM. If you put it off until "later", it's likely you'll never make the call. Don't make that mistake. Opportunity is knocking.  Commit to investigating our EFF service AND our help by dialing 518-326-1638 now. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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