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Please read some REAL farmer testimonials below.  We'll work hard to earn one from you!


 Eat from Farms is the user-friendly, on-line marketing tool we have been seeking for years.  And George is easy to reach by phone if we have a question or need advice.

We chose to use our Farmers Market locations as pre-order drop sites for EFF.  Quite a few of our regular customers now use the system to place orders days ahead, for pickup at the market.

In addition to finding it convenient, they get first choice from our entire inventory.  We've found they often order online in larger quantities than they would have purchased at our stand.  Plus, knowing their full orders are pre-assembled, they don't need to worry about getting to the market before some cuts sell out.

For us, this makes our busy markets more productive.  During peak times, we have more freedom to interact with new walk-up customers.  The pre-orders are ready for a quick handover as our regular customers arrive.

Of course, we also use the EFF Farm Pickup option.  New and regular customers can order from our online inventory at any time.  We're open for 24 hour sales, but we control the pickup times. Fortunately, the EFF Inventory Manager prevents orders for products that run out, so we don't disappoint customers.  They can see what we have and don't have at all times."

Jill Johnson and Mary Wills

Crane Dance Farm, Middleville, MI



With Eat From Farms we can quickly see what we have on hand and what or how many animals we need to process to keep pace with the orders.

We are a small grassfed meat farm of about 1,000 acres. We manage our grasses in a natural setting. We raise all of our own animals and have them USDA processed. Dale raises the animals and I handle the orders and deliveries.  We sell to restaurants, small farm stores, individuals and coops in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area.  Most of our sales are bulk orders to our business customers.  We have regular weekly delivery routes set for Tuesdays and Fridays.

At this point (October 2015), we have been using the Eat From Farms system for about 6 months. It took me a couple weeks to get the hang of it, since I previously did everything by hand. George from support was very helpful. He would walk me through the process on the phone whenever I had questions. They even changed a few things in the EFF software to better fit our farm system.

I like the scheduled opening and closing times for placing orders, which I set in advance. I set the windows so I will have enough time to assemble the orders and pack them for delivery. Our customers now know they must submit their weekly orders before the ordering window closes.  But if a customer calls crying that they missed it, I can re-open it for them. 

Several of our chefs have mentioned that they like using the system. They can see everything that's available and it helps them speed things up.  A few other customers have told me they set a reminder on their computer to order within the time frame. They like they can order any time of day or NIGHT! Lots order after their day slows down. 

The EFF system has cut down my time figuring out invoices.  The program does the math and I can just print them out when the orders are put together.  Also, our customers now have an online record of their past orders and invoices as well. 

Another part that has really helped us is the EFF inventory system.  We can quickly see what we have on hand and what or how many animals we need to process to keep pace with the orders.   And aside for all that, we now have people seeing our website online and ordering directly from our online inventory!  It's very nice gaining new customers with no effort. I recommend you try the Eat From Farms system for your business.

Dale and Linda Hudspeth
Hudspeth Farm

Forestburg, Texas

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John and I have had a contracting business for the last 30 years.  
Wind Drift FarmWe also have a small farm where we have a greenhouse, grow some flowers and vegetables, and have laying hens, plus other assorted animals.  We do one summer farmers market, and we market eggs throughout the year.  Our goal is to gradually transition into full time farming.  
We signed up with Eat From Farms because we wanted to build a retail business that we could effectively manage with our limited time.  A few things about the EFF system really work for us.
First, it's so easy to use.  The products are set up once.  Turn them off with a single click when they're out of season.  Click again when they're back.  Editing product information is simple, and processing orders is a snap, even for items sold by weight. And if you use the built-in credit card system, it's one click to collect your money. Customers who prefer to pay by cash or check can choose those options.
Second, since our farm production is very limited, we wanted a way offer products from other local farmers and artisans.  By offering a wide variety of products available through a single order, we are developing a base of loyal customers who buy weekly throughout the year. In addition to our products and seasonal produce, we now offer local bottled milk, yogurts, fresh bread, cheese, meats, mushrooms, honey, maple syrup, jams, hummus, kettle corn, crackers, and anything else we find interesting.  We disclose the source of all the products right on our EFF website, and we ask customers for new product suggestions.  The EFF system tracks and consolidates the orders from all of our vendors, so we have an easy time making the process work.  The automation is fantastic.  
Third, the EFF system can be set up to handle regularly scheduled deliveries to a central delivery location, but we also wanted to offer home delivery - a farmers market on wheels!  People are busy today, and we see offering home delivery as a competitive advantage into an untapped market.   EFF makes that easy to handle.  Our customers love that we will deliver right to their homes or workplace on delivery day for a small added fee.  They just leave out a picnic cooler and we put their order in it every week, all four seasons of the year.
Fourth, the system automatically helps build our mailing list.  People can subscribe from our EFF website, plus anyone placing an order is instantly added, unless they opt out on the order.  We send out a short weekly reminder/newsletter and orders start coming in for the next delivery.  At our summer farmers market, we hand out full color door hangers EFF designed for us to promote our service.  We've seen our mailing list and delivery customer base grow from that market.  We use those same door hangers on homes near us when we have a few minutes to hang them on door handles.
Although we're still very part time, our farm business is growing nicely.  We are building our way toward full time farming when the time is right for us.  EFF is making that possible because it's very flexible and handles so many details automatically.  If you're looking for a way to expand your retail sales while decreasing the hassle, give George a call.
Sandy and John Shuhart
Wind Drift Farm - Poestenkill, NY

Call us now, day or night, for a free consultation.  518-326-1638

The Eat From Farms online ordering and Delivery Location system has been a great improvement for our grass-fed beef marketing.

We now set our own schedule and are no longer solely dependent on farmer's market dates for our income. Our delivery days are much more pleasant than our market days. There is no worrying about which cuts to pack!  We know that all of the beef we haul to town is sold.  We spend thirty minutes at a delivery site instead of hours of sporadic sales at the market.  Marketing our beef has become enjoyable again! Eat From Farms has set us up to be able to break into new, and better markets, with greater efficiency.
We get the same high quality product and personal customer service from Eat From Farms that we give to our customers. The technical side is easy to use and George is always enthusiastic and helpful when a question arises.  He has an excellent understanding of  all of the details and variations involved in selling meat products and it shows in the level of detail included in the software.
Eat From Farms is the technologically sophisticated online ordering system that we would have only dreamed of having custom created for our business.  It is an excellent value!"

Wendi Lankister
Bar Double L Beef - 100% Homegrown & Healthy Grassfed Beef

Glenrock, WY

Call us now, day or night, for a free consultation.  518-326-1638

Eat From Farms has helped us reach out to potential customers that we wouldn't have without them.  The payback on this investment has been good.
Eric Edwards

The website is easy for us and the customer to use. I have used a few other retail sites, but this platform is much simpler and user friendly. The approximate choice is one of the best features. On other sites I have to enter each steaks weight, then when it sells I have to go find that one. Most times either I can't find it or it was sold to someone else.

I also like the sub-vendor feature. This gives customers more options than one farm has to offer. I have one sub-vendor that makes farmstead cheeses and another that makes Maple Syrup. 

Todd & Annette
Farmer Brown - Enosburg Falls, VT



Our farm is very rural.  To grow and prosper, I knew we needed a way to retail some of our pasturedEric Edwards meat products where there were more people and higher incomes.  But how?

Eat From Farms had the answers.  They set up our farm with their custom EFF system. Customers can now place online orders, knowing exactly what we have in stock.  The automation keeps track of our inventory and makes processing those orders simple. 

Beyond that, EFF used census demographics to identify the best suburb for expanding our sales.  Then they helped us attract a concentration of customers in one targeted section of that town.  Now we can make a single delivery of pre-sold products to that distant neighborhood every three weeks, making efficient use of our time and energy. 

The EFF online system is simple to use.  The upfront cost is minimal ($150), the ongoing cost is based on actual online sales, and I feel we've gained a marketing consultant as well.  Working with Eat From Farms has removed the limits from our farm and given us a clear vision of a prosperous future."

Eric Edwards
Sugar Haven Farm - Rexville, NY


Eric Edwards

Greetings from Indiana!  My name is Joanne Mosher.  My husband Paul and I are small farmers here in Northern Indiana.   We both have a passion for farming and dream of making our living solely from the farm, with no other outside employment. 

Browsing through the Stockman Grass Farmer newspaper, we came across an ad for Eat From Farms.  Fast forward a little and now our dream of full-time farming (not having to have a job off of the farm to pay bills) is coming together.  I am finally not frustrated about our farming future.  Our farm is paying us back.  With Eat From Farms, we are actually able to make ends meet, and we are excited about where our farm is headed! 

So here is the rest of the story… 
On our farm, we grow corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and some cover crops on 173 acres.  We have raised some cows and some pigs.  For years, we have sold our calves fed out on our own hay and corn to some friends and neighbors by the hanging weight by the half or quarter.  This has always helped counterbalance the cow expenses and been a little cash flow (in, but right back out of course). 

Our customers have always raved about our meats, and we knew they were great, but we didn’t always get them all sold.  We absolutely hated selling our extra fed out animals to the sale barn.  We didn’t make back the price they were worth and the quality just seemed to be lost in the mix. 

After much frustration, we decided to either sell the cows and the farm, or finally make some money farming and raising cows.  So, the planning began. 

We made a goal to make more money per animal that we raised.  We knew that retail sales -- selling our meats by the cut, and working with a processor to have value-added products like ground beef patties and sausages -- was where the money was.  We needed to provide food directly to more families.  We had read about Joel Salatin’s Polyface operation, but how do we copy that?  How do we develop customers in suburban areas that can afford to pay for our quality meats?  How do we get local customers to come to our farm to pick-up orders? (click here to expose the rest of our story)

Joanne Mosher
Holy Cow Farm Fresh - Monon, IN



Give George A Call.President George W. Bush

Not THAT George!!

We are not an expensive consulting service looking to take over your business. We offer guidance, sometimes totally free, as well as some very economical tools and services to make your farm business work better.

Our EFF farmers are reaping benefits, but in each case, it started with a conversation about their farm business.

Simply call THIS George.


Now it's YOUR opportunity. Tell me about your farm and I'll explore the possibilities with you.  If we can't help your business prosper, I'll tell you that. Otherwise, I'll make a proposal for your consideration.

Now is the time to consider alternatives for 2018 and beyond. Call me right now, even if it's 2:00 AM. If you put it off until "later", it's likely you'll never make the call. Don't make that mistake. Opportunity is knocking.  Commit to investigating our EFF service AND our help by dialing 518-326-1638 now. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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