Still Growing After All These Years!

February 9, 2023

We have a great platform for farms who sell direct to consumers.

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We're LIVE at the MOSES Organic Farming Conference - Growing Stronger 2021!

February 23, 2021

Visit our virtual booth any time February 22-27th ...

... and join us LIVE at 10:30am CST Feb 23-26

We're giving DEMO & INFORMATION PRESENTATIONS about our Eat From Farms software!

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FAQ: How do I start selling my farm food online?

December 17, 2020

Winter is here in North America! 

This is a great time to look into boosting your retail food sales so you're ready in the spring. 
We've published some excerpts about EFF from a wonderful article by Erica Frenay:
"Selling Real Farm Products in a Virtual Marketplace". 

Erica gives great advice for people navigating the challenges of selling farm food online!

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We're LIVE at the Acres USA Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show!

December 3, 2020

Visit our virtual booth ...
December 3rd, at 4:30pm EST
December 4th, at 3:30pm EST
We'll give a LIVE INFORMATION PRESENTATION about our Eat From Farms software!

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The Evolution of the Modern Farmers Market...

November 28, 2020

... or, A Timeline Showing Past, Present & Future Markets...
Your customers don't have to "miss the market" when your producers aren't able to appear in person... 
Move your vendors online with our Eat From Farms software so customers can shop the market 24/7! 

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A Message From Our Family

November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving was a little different this year...
... but one thing never changes:

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ACRES USA Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show

November 27, 2020

Come find Eat From Farms in the exhibitor hall at the virtual ACRES Eco-Ag Conference, December 1-4!
We'll be sharing our Eat From Farms platform as an exhibitor, and looking forward to meeting farmers and making connections!
Plus... if you attended the 2020 ACRES Eco-Ag conference and you sign up with Eat From Farms, your first month is FREE!

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Farm & Food Leadership Conference

October 29, 2020

Eat From Farms had a wonderful experience at the Farm & Food Leadership Conference!
We proudly shared our Eat From Farms platform as an exhibitor, and made some wonderful connections with small farms from across the country. 
We're looking forward to growing these relationships!

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Eat From Farms is now fully functional for Canadian farmers, too!

September 11, 2020

Great news for our northern farmers and friends:
The Eat From Farms platform that has brought success to US farmers is now fully functional for Canadian farmers as well!

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August 15, 2020

We're excited to announce that the newest version of Eat From Farms is now LIVE and ready for you!
Key features have been added to the EFF software package to make your experience - and your customers' experiences - even better than before!

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